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For Turiya Bruce Art is both a universal and a deeply personal experience.

From 30ft Murals to humble Life Drawing pieces Turiya's Art is bold- yet carries a loving message regarding our relationship to the Bio Diversity in which we dwell.

Turiya uses a multitude of media to express her feeling which includes Acrylic Mixed Media using Golden Paints and Mediums. 

I have been living and working in the Byron Shire for over 25 years. I have birthed my son and my professional art practice here. I have, through my relationships with people and country, been invited to install many murals and mosaics in the local community and further afield.

I have also had many exhibitions, won local prizes, taught various art workshops for all ages and had the opportunity to grow and develop as an art teacher too. Especially in joining the Golden Artist/Educator Program with the illustrious Golden Paints from New York, USA.

My stand for Art in community, and in our lives generally, comes from a need to bring beauty and it's reflection. I see my work as a bridge to connect with truest selves through a sensory visual delight that stimulates deeper reflection.

If you want to buy any of the artworks from this site please contact me through the button on the homepage.

All work on this website is copyrighted and can only be reproduced with the artist's permission.

When I Paint


When I paint, divine mystery plays her role as steward cradling the voice of beauty through time for me to hear.

When I paint my body becomes receptacle to the whispers she makes to instruct the next stroke, the next material, the next colour.

When I paint and sense the fullness of the story she's narrating, joy floods unleashing all stored nervousness into a great walloping YES! and I have to dance - my feet thwacking and tapping the floor boards in a rollicking, wild abandon.

When I paint, I know the difference between doing so for the sake of discipline to keep this receiver open and doing so because the marriage of inspiration and application is so compelling, so entwined, so gilded in the gold of Divine embodiment that the crown of beauty sits radiant on it's demeanour.

When I paint, the ghosts of master painters delight and pay homage on high to the living craft that once translated their soul songs into depictions that gently deliver beauty's message.


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