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About Turiya

Born Leanne Tracy Bruce in Sydney, she knew from six years old that her had an effect on others.

That through her work, she could create change in others.

Turiya spends her time teaching others, old and young, and constantly creating new works both in her studio and amoung the lush rainforests and idyllic beaches of her home.

She loves to write poetry, both learn and teach art, and share inspiration with her friends and loved ones.

Turiya currently lives in Byron Bay Shire, Australia.

Turiya Bruce

Turiya Bruce has been practicing art for over 40 years.

She is well known in the area for her public art installations of Mosaic and Mural in the Byron Bay, Lismore and Tweed Shires.  She has also had many local group and solo shows.

Through extensive practice and training, she has become accomplished in many different forms of art media including mixed media.

She is also a Golden Artist Educator with Golden Artist Paints from New York, USA.

Turiya loves to play with mixed media thus making her studio time full of learning and mystery putting her on a creative edge where all kinds of magic can and does occur.

Life Drawing to Turiya is the foundation of any art making which she began at the tender age of 16. Turiya sees it as exercise, getting the hand, eye and heart to coordinate in the coal face of drawing the divinely naked form.

Turiya has recently returned from a Golden Artist Conference in Miami with 80 international artist/educators and also saw many great works at the Art Basel Miami, Art fair (the world's number 1 art fair). She also spent time in New York seeing lots of work in Galleries she had only seen in books and looking at the street art in Bushwick, Brooklyn.

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