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Girlz Class

For a number of years Turiya has been quietly running a class for teenage girls. The girlz have been encouraged to enter local art competitions and have been regularly placed or given commendation.

This class is intended to exercise the girlz in different techniques that enthrall and inspire them to do their very best at something they have never attempted before. Each class is an adventure in artfulness.

In the meantime they are learning many new skills and growing in confidence, ability and distinctions. They are able to draw anything that is placed before them and render it in a number of different ways from pencil and charcoal to watercolour and acrylic paints.

Class runs from 4.30 – 6 pm on Mondays and is $40 including most materials ($300 upfront). Class is an 8 week term. 4 terms a year. Class size is small which assures premium guidance.

Below are some of the girls efforts.

The above works are by students Ellie Svikis and Romy Soper

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